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Policies and Regulations


  • Volunteers are required to attend a minimum of 4 clinics per quarter.

  • To receive credit for attending a clinic, volunteers must arrive by 4:45 PM and sign in with the Personnel Manager.

Sign-Up and Dropping

  • Sign-ups are done through your committee officer. Your committee officer will contact you regarding sign-ups each quarter.

  • Sign-ups will be finalized at the end of week 2 every quarter.

    • For any changes made after the committee sign-ups are finalized, you are expected to email your Committee Officer and Personnel Manager at least 48 hours in advance or earlier with a valid reason for your absence.

Duties at Clinics

  • Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


    • Clinic set-up: organize tables and chairs, bring and clean all equipment and supplies necessary for your committee

    • Committee duties and responsibilities (see “Committees” tab on

    • Clinic clean-up: wiping down all tables and chairs, taking down all equipment and supplies, getting approval to leave from committee officer, personnel manager, and clinic monitor

    • Assist in other aspects of the clinic as directed by Medical/Undergraduate Officers.

  • RFC volunteers have the opportunity to shadow medical students after completing clinic duties and getting cleared by your Committee Officer and Personnel Manager

    • Will be able to observe the patient care process: Interviews, physical exams, consultations with physicians, ordering medications


  • Undergraduates are not allowed to provide patient care (i.e. driving patients home, giving patients medical advice or instructions).

  • Undergraduates are not allowed to contact outside organizations on behalf of RFC without approval of the RFC Faculty, Personnel Manager, and Clinic Monitor.