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Policies and Regulations


  • To remain members (not be dismissed from the RFC), volunteers are required to attend a minimum of 4 clinics per quarter.
  • To receive credit for attending a clinic, volunteers must arrive by 5:00 PM and sign in at the front desk unless given prior approval by the undergraduate president to arrive later.
Sign-Up and Dropping
  • Sign-ups are done through your committee officer. Your committee officer will contact you regarding sign-ups each quarter.
  • Clinic sign-up is finalized on the Sunday evening before the clinic. No changes can be made after this date.
  • If an emergency arises and you can no longer attend the shift you are signed up for:
    • Contact your committee officer
    • AND email the personnel manager to inform him/her.
Duties at Clinics
  • Set up the clinic: organize tables and chairs, bring all equipment and supplies upstairs.
  • Before medical students and physicians have arrived, report to front desk for instructions.
    • Responsibilities include: signing in patients, pulling up/returning/creating new patient files, filling out top portion of Social History forms, filling out medication reconciliation forms with the patient.
  • Shadow medical students throughout patient care process: Interviews, physical exams, consultations with physicians, ordering medications (or work within your RFC committee).
  • Clean up and break down of the clinic: Wipe down all tables and chairs, take down all equipment and supplies, before leaving get the approval of the person you checked in at the front desk with.
  • Assist in other aspects of the clinic as directed by Medical/Undergraduate Officers.
  • If you can not find something to do during clinic, see clinic monitor or personnel manager for instructions.
  • Undergraduates are not allowed to provide patient care.
    • If you are asked to take vitals, you may do so only if the medical student retakes vitals as well. If asked to take vitals, advise medical student of this policy.
  • Undergraduates are not allowed to enter information in the patient chart.
  • Undergraduates are not allowed to contact outside organizations on behalf of RFC without approval of the RFC Medical President.