Next Clinic Date: May 6th, 2020 (Services TBD)

Due to the rapidly evolving situation with the coronavirus we are taking extra precautions and clinic will currently be closed for the month of April. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

Counseling services will continue via web/phone for our existing clients currently engaged in services with a University of Redlands Counseling Graduate Student. The link below has information and instructions so we can contact you:

Click here to find a full list of services that our counseling team offers

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  1. No patients will be admitted to the SRHC after 7pm each clinic day.
  2. Please bring all current pill/medication/ prescription bottles with you every time you come to clinic to make your visit more profitable and wait time shorter.
  3. When signing in, please tell the volunteer at the front desk if you receive Target medications or are in the Needy Meds program.
  4. Refer to front desk if you have Target Meds of Need Meds.
  5. Patients can only visit dental or medical on one night